VIBE Via Satellite Case Study


SLiMtel is a 21st century communications company, an independent carrier and service provider in the global marketplace.

They aim to help businesses, service providers and carriers around the world deliver first class solutions by providing a full range of managed voice and data services. They offer telecoms, internet connectivity, mobile and numbering services to the business community. SLiMtel also deliver managed call termination to the global carrier community.

 The Challenge

Termination of calls from Afghanistan to SLiMtel network via the most cost effective means possible without compromising quality.

“Satellite bandwidth is the only reliable way in and out of the territory and bandwidth is expensive.” Managing Director SLiMtel

They were asked to provide UK termination capabilities for 100 simultaneous calls for a client inAfghanistan. Each call (without ViBE) required 48kbps in bandwidth to ensure no degradation in quality using G.729, and with bandwidth costing around $9,000.00 per 1Mbps per month the cost to provide the bandwidth alone came to around $45,000.00 per month.

 The Solution

Install a ViBE P2PB-203 unit at each end of the link, loaded with 100-call licence. This enables thedelivery of 100 simultaneous G.729 calls using only 1Mbps of bandwidth, reducing the cost of the required connection by a staggering $36,000.00 per month.

“ViBE is a solution that exceeded our customer’s requirements with a ROI measured in days.” Managing Director SLiMtel

The P2PB-203 is capable of handling up to 200 simultaneous calls and so allows room for future growth. ViBE ensures that 100 simultaneous G.729 calls are delivered using only 1Mbps of bandwidth without any compromise in terms of quality. In fact, ViBE’s unique and patented methods of QoS are so granular that jitter and latency are reduced even when using satellite connections.

In addition ViBE delivers multiple failover capabilities, supports; Bonding, Encryption, Real Time Stats on the underlying link in use, and delivers significant network load reduction.


  • Saving of $36,000 per month Increased call capacity Increased call quality

* Case Study example provided by Voipex UK