vibe-maxKnown as “ViBE-Max”, it comes with the option to use a STM-1 Card interface for TDM circuits where traditionally you have only been able to use TDM G711.



1  ViBE is now packaged specifically for use on IPLC’s and other back-haul links.


2 ViBE-Max will deliver up to 12,000 calls per single STM-1 link using G729a.


3 ViBE-Max operates over wireless, satellite or terrestrial links, running on a telco grade server platform. Award winning Dell servers ensure hardware service and support is locally available (From Dell) for your ViBE-Max installation.

4 ViBE Max delivers a rapid ROI ensuring a reduction in OPEX costs whilst reducing any initial CAPEX set up costs if applicable.


5 Supporting your customer retention and improving customer satisfaction activities, ViBE enables you to increase the services on offer over the same bandwidth.

6 At the same time ViBE delivers a massive decrease in your network loading ensuring your network is configured for optimal performance.


7 ViBE is Network transparent ensuring that there is no need to modify your existing topology and enabling easy deployment.