VIBE for Security

Link Encryption Using ViBE Tunnel

Voice and data streams carried in ViBE VPN tunnels are less vulnerable to decoding due to the way that the packet headers are manipulated and the data is multiplexed together. However given a bit of effort it would be possible to reconstruct the data. To prevent the intercept and decoding of data contained in ViBE VPN tunnels Voipex 20x and 50x series appliances can be configured to provide IPsec encryption of ViBE data packets.

What is IPsec?

The IPsec architecture is described in RFC 2401. It is an extension to the IP protocol and on can be used to provide security for the ViBE data stream by encrypting the payload thus preventing the decoding of the data within the ViBE protocol data packets.


The ViBE encryption levels are divided into two types to comply with regulation:

Export Code & Domestic Code. The Export Code encryption level is: 56bit DES. The Domestic Code encryption level is: 128bit AES. We do supply both versions of code, referred to on the site as export and non-export firmware, and we do this so that our wide customer base can upgrade their firmware to the latest versions whether domestic or abroad.

However, to adhere to regulation, these versions are not interchangeable. It is possible to upgrade your firmware to export code, but not in reverse, so when upgrading your ViBE firmware, please make sure you select the firmware applicable to your current set-up.