VIBE for PABX Resellers


In principle the idea of VoIP is great, reducing costs and integrating voice with your existing data Infrastructure.
VoIP allows you to get rid of PSTN lines and PBX Systems, resulting in a reduction in management and maintenance, which in turn, reduces costs.

However, in reality VoIP suffers from one major problem; call quality quickly degrades over low bandwidth links. For any VoIP call to be of a high quality its voice data needs to flow continually from point to point.

Once the flow of voice data is interrupted the call becomes jittery and both participants are likely to find it hard to understand what the other is saying.

VoIP calls can also easily over-subscribe a link making it difficult to manage.
Getting a network with enough bandwidth to cater for all your VoIP calls and other data can be expensive – even more expensive than sticking with your conventional telephone system.

And so using a VoIP system has meant making some kind of compromise, either a compromise in call quality or a compromise on cost.

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