VIBE for ISP Infrastructure


When used within your network ViBE can reduce the bandwidth required to carry VoIP traffic by up to 80%

ViBE is an IP tunnelling protocol specifically designed to provide true Quality of Service for VoIP over ADSL broadband circuits.

ViBE provides not only byte level QoS but also RTP header compression to allow your customers to run more VoIP calls with unprecedented quality over ADSL circuits carrying both voice and data.

ViBE server appliances deployed in your network allow you to offer a chargeable premium service that can guarantee call quality and in SIP trunking applications allows you to offer 28 channels of G.729 calls over a 256/512K ADSL circuit.

ViBE Servers allow you to licence the service that you offer on a “per channel” basis so that you can differentiate between a residential customer that has a single VoIP connection and those customers that require 28 channels to replace a traditional PRI.

ViBE enabling your network allows you to offer service quality guarantees to the growing number of VoIP service providers who are looking for high quality broadband connections for their customers.

For ISPs wanting to offer their own VoIP service you no longer need to consider using strategies like multiple PVCs and dedicating bandwidth as ViBE dynamically allocates bandwidth as it is required and provides byte level QoS over the circuit.

ViBE can also allow you to offer higher bandwidth, higher quality codecs without having to sacrifice too much bandwidth.

For the customer ViBE can be integrated into a number of existing ADSL modems and broadband routers so that the cost of implementation is low.

By using ViBE, ISPs can now offer an alternative to traditional leased lines for VoIP applications. Using uncontended ADSL tails and routing within a ViBE enabled network it is possible to offer a service that competes directly with SDSL or leased lines but is quicker to install and more cost effective.

Because ViBE provides true QoS in both directions it is Ideal for home workers who need to use VoIP telephony over ADSL and still need to access company information over the Internet at the same time.

A single ViBE server appliance can pay for itself in less than 4 months and allow an ISP to generate significant extra revenue