vibeWe recognise that the ability to deliver cost effective Voice solutions with the highest quality is core to a Call Centre business requirements.

Deployed as a Point to Point solution in your enterprise ViBE technology guarantees voice quality by ensuring that VoIP traffic is efficiently and effectively prioritised at byte level within your network.

Using ViBE technology also means that you no longer need as much expensive bandwidth to carry VoIP traffic between your  remote office locations.

As your Call Centre  business grows and more customers are brought in, and additional seats required, it is very simple and cost effective to increase your voice capability, without necessarily having the additional expense of adding more lines.

ViBE virtually eliminates packet overhead, reducing the bandwidth required by a codec to its original size. In fact ViBE is so efficient that it can allow a 256K data link to carry 28 simultaneous G729 calls.

By using lower cost dedicated ADSL links to carry VoIP traffic, ViBE enabled point to point links can normally be installed much quicker than leased line or SDSL circuits and will show significant cost savings, even in year one.