Vibe for Business


ViBE was developed specifically for businesses to maximise Voice calls through broadband – VoIP.

Historically VoIP has had challenges when delivering simultaneous calls: the calls could degrade and drop out. Our technology maximises the voice opportunity whilst maintaining the highest quality.

ViBE as a solution will work across all broadband types: ADSL, 3G, Wireless and Satellite

As a business owner or person responsible for the effective delivery of communications, depending on your situation we can help in a number of ways:

  • reduce your costs by disposing with the costs of fixed line telephony
  • maintain or deliver much better Quality of your calls
  • deliver Security and encryption options – especially important if your business deals with sensitive information
  • ensure business continuity by delivery automatic solutions to maintain your communications

As your business grows, in turn it is very simple and cost effective to increase your voice capability, without necessarily having the additional expense of adding more lines.

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