VIBE Call Concurrency

Using only two ADSL lines up to 100 concurrent calls becomes a reality

The number of concurrent calls is dependent on both the line speed (available bandwidth in both directions) and the actual router used. The ViBE enabled Mikrotik RB-750 ADSL router can support a maximum of 30 concurrent calls. For more concurrency, the larger ViBE routers allow from 100 to 3000 concurrent calls, and can be used with most forms of connectivity including DSL, leased lines, satellite links and wireless.

(Please note: the below information is when using a G.729 codec. Although we have made every effort to make this as accurate as possible, this is only an indication and therefore we do not take responsibility for any deviation that may be seen with the specific characteristics of your connection when compared to this table.)

BandwidthCall Concurrency without ViBECall Concurrency with ViBE
128kbps  10 
256kbps  24 
384kbps  38 
512kbps  13  53 
640kbps  16  67 
768kbps  19 81 
896kbps  22  95 
1024kbps  26  109