Communication is our business

  • 1.Reduce your voice and data cost
    You can have up 500% more call capacity than existing VoIP solutions, thus negating the need to upgrade your bandwidth if you need more calls, or use a GSM gateway to save on mobile to mobile costs.
  • 2.Increase your voice call quality
    VIBE Solution recognises the Voice element and makes it a priority over any other data, ensuring that the quality is not compromised at all.
  • 3.Business continuity and increase bandwidth
    When a line goes down or is compromised, whether that be voice or data, it can clearly have a major impact on businesses performance. Use ViBE solution to bond multiple internet links to increase your bandwidth and automatic failover to another link without any interruption of the call.
  • 4.Secure your enterprise communications using encryption
    In todays world there is an increasing requirement for businesses, governments and the military to ensure that sensitive information cannot be accessed by a third party. Depending on the scenario ViBE’s “tunneling” technology delivers a secure environment, with options to encrypt calls to further enhance security.