We're re-branding ...

Sydney, September 9th, 2015

VOIPMONSTER-LOGO-SMALL-RGBIt's been 10 years since we started business at VoIPMONSTER in Dubai Internet City and soon after in Sydney, Australia. We've worked hard to deliver the very best in services, technical expertise and commitment to our customers and partners.

Our main focus was on call termination technology and services during last 10 years using our ability to track and analyse problems and find the best solution for it.

We are taking a step forward to become a full-fledged service provider focusing on services and solutions that businesses need to get online, remain online and most importantly to perform online.

I am pleased to announce that as part of our restructuring strategy, we are have re-branded our logo which is designed to mirror the growth and future of VOIPMONSTER in Australia.

Our mission is to deliver a comprehensive range of communications services and solutions to keep your business running.

Our new re-branded website will be launched soon and Yes! I got excited andcould not wait to share our news.

Thanks to our customers and partners who made this journey possible till to date.

Reza Mamati - Director


Claricall announce the launch of IRON Cloud Services, the first hosted SIM server on the market.

Dubai, March 11th, Capacity Middle-East 2015

Iron-cloudThis offering called IRON Cloud Services is using the VMware version of IRON Suite the award winning product of iQsim. Claricall and iQsim are key players in the voice infrastructure management and both companies have been partnering for many years by embedding the iQsim equipment with the Vibe technology of Claricall.

This partnership already allowed customers, all over the world, to use a reliable and optimized architecture for voice transportation. “Iron Cloud Services takes care of the complexity of Mobile Termination daily operations by ensuring correct configuration of server components. These services allow our customers to quickly start and expand their operations for a fast return on investment. ” says Philippe Bessaguet, CEO of iQsim.

IRON Cloud Services is now available through monthly or quarterly contracts. The IRON Cloud Services are a comprehensive set of features which all together manage the entire SIM cards lifecycle through processes including: activation, allocation, routing, protection, monitoring and recharge. These features are based on the high-end cloud computing VMware technology.

“With Iron Cloud Services we deliver a complete set of managed services through the technical expertise of our support teams based in UK, Dubai and Sydney and backed by iQsim. This offering is perfect for customers who start with a small size network and want to reach the highest level of control and quality of service” explains Jonathan Nelson, CEO of Claricall.

More  information about IRON cloud services can be found here: IRON Cloud Services


Claricall Announces Launch of New Global Network

Chicago, May 12, ITW 2015

ClaricallVOIPEX's joint venture with VOIPMONSTER, Claricall, has today announced the availability of it's global ViBE network. The network allows customers to take full advantage of VOIP technology across international boundaries without the expense and expertise required to achieve themselves.

CLARICALL is jointly owned by UK-based VOIPEX and VOIPMONSTER based in Dubai and Australia.

Designed to deliver cost effective but superior communication links for both voice and data, the ViBE technology delivers, amongst other capabilities, the benefits of am MPLS-enabled network at a fraction of the cost.

End users can take advantage of the superior voice quality even on low-cost links such as WiMAX and ADSL, whilst using less bandwidth with higher reliability.

Links can be encrypted and bonded, or additional links used as a backup in case of failure. Multiple customer sites can be connected together using a private network if required.

"This is a very exciting moment for us, bringing together the ViBE technology with the the expertise of VOIPMONSTE. It will give much greater access to high quality connectivity at a better price than ever before." said Jonathan Nelson, director at Claricall.

May companies throughout the world have already discovered the benefits of ViBE technology in their own networks. By utilising Claricall's ViBE enabled network, companies can take advantage of these features and more, with backing of a full 24/7 technical support team, across the globe, in a network that will eventually span more than 180 countries

Claricall’s Network  information can be found on their website