VIBE as Service

There is a need for a different type of network. One capable of handling both Voice and Data traffic but optimised for Voice. A network backed up through multiple support centres offering 24 x 7 first class support. A Network that can harness all of the benefits and features that ViBE delivers to the user. That network is Claricall.

Voipex are the company that created ViBE and have continually developed it to mak it the world’s most popular VPN to have voice and data on one link with no effect on voice quality.

We combined forces in Claricall to deliver a truly new class of network to Voice and Data users alike, but one that will optimise all Voice traffic whilst protecting its integrity. With offices in the UK, Middle East and Australia Claricall is located correctly to deliver world class support. The network has POPS in a growing number of countries starting off with UK, Germany, USA, Brazil, Dubai, South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. Another 50 countries will be added in the next few months.

A new class of network

  • Global ViBE enabled Network
  • Specifically Optimised for Voice traffic
  • Full 24 x 7 Support
  • Encryption, Bonding and RAIN mode
  • Increases ACD and ASR
  • Increases your available capacity whilst reducing bandwidth costs

If you are a service provider, call center or business enterprise using VOIP, we can help to reduce your cost, guarantee the service, improve the quality and secure your voice and data network.

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