Higher Bandwidth and Business Continuity

Run your online business and maintain your customers' confidence without being worried about an unexpected internet outage.

Business continuity is critical to avoid potential revenue losses from downtime. We can help to keep your business online when your primary data connection is lost or easily set up temporary or remote locations securely when natural disasters or other emergencies disrupt operations.

Using VIBE technology your business will be capable of utilising a set of multiple internet connections to provide a higher bandwidth VPN link between two points, this is it termed “ViBE Link Bonding”.

The individual parts of a bonded set can be of differing size and even different technologies. No single connection is of higher importance than any other and the ViBE enabled link will continue to function as long as at least one individual link is still active.The available bandwidth will be sum of the bandwidth available from the active links. Connections are removed and added dynamically as they become available thus providing a degree of redundancy for the link.

ViBE can be set to use an additional link in either an active or passive mode. In active mode ViBE efficiently bonds links of different speed together, reducing latency for larger packets.


Redundant Array of Inexpensive Networks or (RAIN) is the term we have given ViBE's multiple link resiliency. When multiple links are bonded ViBE sends synchronous data across both links in an "active-active" mode. What this means is that when a link fails it is removed in under a second resulting in no calls being dropped (no failover delay). Importantly RAIN mode works with two or more links and also supports links form different suppliers (eg. ADSL supplied from different ISPs).

Passive Mode

Passive mode leaves the additional link idle until it is required. Ideally passive mode is used with ISDN or 3G backup. Passive links can be automatically tested for availability. Switching links in passive mode takes around a second plus any establishment delay on the link.