IRON Cloud Services

IRON Cloud Services takes care of the complexity of Mobile Termination daily operations. It ensures correct configuration of server components leaving you to only deploy GSM Gateways ans SIM Racks.

Now you can enjoy the significant benefits that IRON Suite is capable of delivering in a more cost effective manner, being able to purchase the functionality of a Managed Service and per port basis.


Perfect if you intend to start with a small size network. It brings you the highest level of control and quality of service for your VOIP Mobile Termination network. You are able to manage your call and SMS flows and get rid of GSM ports with no SIM or not registered. It maximizes your ASR and optimizes your PDD. You protect your SIM cards from hunting calling systems and limited grey route channels.


Cloud Service is a complete managed services delivered through the technical expertise of Claricall support teams based in UK, Dubai and Australia and backed by iQsim. The offering combines award winning VOIP optimization and Qos from ViBE, GSM Gateways and SIM server technology from iQsim, all managed by CLARICALL experts.


IRON eVS (enhanced Virtual SIM) technology is a comprehensive set of process which all together manage your SIM cards entire life cycle. As soon as you insert a new SIM card in a SIM Rack, the IRON eVS technology will ensure consistent usage and configuration of your SIM card through the 5 following process:

SIM Credit process enables the SIM cards to be activated and charged with credit before being available for Call or SMS routing. It continuously monitors the SIM card credit, checks credit balance and recharges the SIM card;

SIM allocation process picks up best available SIM cards to populate GSM Gateways with the most appropriate SIM cards. It also controls duration of the allocation based on time, usage and more generally SIM cards details;

SIM routing process ensures that Calls and/or SMS are always routed through the best SIM card;

SIM Protection process protects your SIM from hunting calling systems, abusive or improper usage. It also generates I/O events through the SIM cards to reproduce a Human Behavior;

SIM Monitoring process collects data linked to the SIM card usage and takes preventive actions to optimize ASR, ACD of your global systems.

Contact us for much more detail on the technical aspects of ViBE and the various deployment scenarios.

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  • Easy and powerful web based management
  • Multi-criteria allocation rules by SIM card plans
  • SIM travel simulation
  • Feature-Rich : TopUp, Credit Synchronization
  • Advanced Price Plan and Call Rating Management
  • Redundant & Scalable solution for 100000 SIMs and more
  • Prepaid SIM card management
  • Random/Unpredictable Simulation
  • SMS/Call/Voice Box query management
  • SIM Manager web interface
  • Integrated with SIM Manager price plans
  • Web based dashboard
  • Real time GSM ports status visibility
  • Ease deployment and administration of GSM gateways
  • Whitelisting and Blacklisting management
  • Auto-learning capabilities
  • Support H.323 and SIP simultaneously
  • Mobile portability number management
  • Central CDR's collection
  •  up to 16 GSM channels
  • GSM and UMTS
  • SIM Free
  • SIM Management by IRON Cloud
  • Supports H.323 and SIP simultaneously
  • Supports Dynamic IP
  • SIM RacksHot-swapable
  • Up to 256 SIMs
  • 16 SIM Boards
  • 16 SIM Cards each