Cloud Based Softswitch

Our Carrier Cloud is a carrier routing and management solution for operators and wholesale service providers, incorporating margin- and quality-based routing, prepaid charging, and detailed monitoring and reporting.

Deployed on the carrier-grade Session Border Controller, the platform provides the scalability, security and interworking flexibility required by successful wholesale carriers and operators. our solution includes full routing, rating and quality management as part of the platform. We recognise that ensuring both margins and quality as traffic grows and rates and performance change is a highly complex activity, so we’ve included the tools to allow service providers to control the parameters on which they want to build their services.

Key features of cloud and carrier routing solution include:

  • Carrier-grade Session Border Controller
  • Fully redundant, highly scalable architecture
  • Flexible carrier signalling inter-working and media transcoding

Advanced carrier routing optimisation, including:

  • Least Cost Routing, QoS, lossless routing, percent / priority distribution
  • Real-time rating for pre- and post-paid credit control
  • Support for US Jurisdictional Routing and LNP
  • Integrated Wholesale Billing