End User Case Study


Discover Leisure PLC is the UK’s premier outdoor leisure retailer, combining over 150 years ofexperience from three market-leading companies – Harringtons, Barrons and Mendip. The company employs over 350 staff on 16 sites throughout the UK. A core focus on customer service underpins the company’s success.

The Challenge was to reduce expenditure on telephone line rental and call costs without sacrificing quality or security in any way.

.The Solution

At their main site in North Newbald the company installed a ViBE Appliance connected to SIP trunk lines. These lines handle in excess of 14,000+ calls a month and carry all of the company’s outgoing call traffic with 8 to 12 lines in continuous use throughout the day.

ViBE appliances were installed behind existing routing equipment ensuring a simple and straightforward installation and commissioning process. ViBE appliances work in point-to-point situations or in conjunction with an authorised Service Provider offering ViBE enabled services.

ViBE ensures that all call traffic is prioritised thereby reducing existing latency on the line and improving user experience and call quality. ViBE delivers not only increased bandwidth utilisation and improved security, but also total resilience for ViBE enabled links by using secondary bandwidth routing (thereby ensuring that no calls are lost). ViBE is also capable of utilising “Vibe Link Bonding” (VLB) combining multiple broadband connections to deliver solutions to clients where bandwidth is restricted or greater resiliency is required.

“ViBE means we can improve and grow our business communications without having to worry about the normal capital expenditure and infrastructure requirements for traditional telecoms equipment”

“The security and integrity of our network is absolutely paramount and this extends to voice services, especially with VoIP over SIP trunks. ViBE addresses our concerns by routing all traffic over a VPN as part of its operation thereby reassuring us that our network security is not compromised.”

IT Manager Discover Leisure PLC


  • Increased security for call traffic and network data
  • Guaranteed quality of calls
  • 28 simultaneous calls per 256kb of bandwidth ensuring expansion is easy and cost effective
  • Fully resilient, enabling real time failover with no loss of call traffic
  • Significant reduction in costs

* Case Study example provided by Voipex UK