Call Centre Case Study #2


A Call Centre with Offices in Sydney and Auckland. The Challenge was to reduce cost but most importantly ensure the highest Quality of Service is maintained, whilst delivering the best secure options for calls.

The Solution

ViBE appliances have been deployed in both Sydney and Auckland. The solution was tested and ranalongside their existing infrastructure, before being switched over to the ViBE solution. The Call Centre operators did not notice the change had occurred.


  • Increased call and connection reliability across sites
  • Encryption options enabled to deliver security of all calls
  • Eliminated the need to upgrade links to support expansion of the call centre operations
  • A saving of thousand dollars per month on a proposed fibre link

” With their “ViBE” product VocaTel have a differentiated solution that delivers multiple benefits to our customers, from maximising voice calls with the highest quality – more than any player in the market – to bonding, failover and encryption options.

This product will open doors to new markets for UCC, and our clients will benefit from the productivityand cost savings “ViBE” brings to their networks. “ViBE”, bang for buck, is not matched by any product on the market.

With any new solution, the technical support was key to our decision to partner with VocaTel, andthat has been outstanding – they have a local team in Sydney that is also backed up by teams in Dubai and the UK. Getting advice or help has just not been an issue”

Managing Director, UCC Sydney, Reseller to the Call Centre Customer

* Case Study example provided by Vocatel Global, Australia