Call Centre Case Study #1

Vibe-Enabled is a leading online travel provider, serving over 300,000 travellers every year. It has been voted the industries top provider of hotels by the UK travel industry.

In addition to offices in the Basingstoke, LowCostHolidays has call centres in India and Spain providing inbound and outbound calls to customers in the UK.

The Challenge: LowCostHolidays needed an additional layer of protection against dropped calls and poor call quality.

The Solution

ViBE appliances at the three sites are integrated with an Avaya VoIP system, which supports 70 call centre operators. At peak times there are up to 20 lines in continuous use.


  • 4x as many calls over the existing links without any reduction in call quality
  • Increased call and connection reliability across sites
  • Eliminated the need to upgrade links to support expansion of the call centre operations

“As an online business we’ve worked extremely hard to build a reputation for reliability and service. We can’t afford to have that eroded by customers having a bad experience with our phone system, so losing business because of dropped calls and poor call quality is simply unacceptable”

“As well as giving us better call reliability, ViBE has also increased our calling capacity and saved usmoney. I’m delighted we decided to use it.”

IT Infrastructure Manager LowCostTravelGroup Ltd

* Case Study example provided by Voipex UK