By managing voice and data traffic to a byte level rather than simply a packet level ViBE is able to fully optimise the bandwidth available AND provide full QoS on the link such that all calls are given the highest priority AND with business grade quality.

Cloud PBX

Our Cloud PBX solution provided as SmartPBX will help you have a better and reliable communication system. We know that communication plays an important role in the overall success and running of the business and using the right solution is very important.


With hundreds of interconnects globally and our expertise as a trusted solution provider for service providers, VOIPMONSTER also provides wholesale carrier services with premium quality, 24x7 monitoring and technical support as a carrier in Australia.

Communication is our business

  • 1.Reduce your voice and data cost
    You can have up 500% more call capacity than existing VoIP solutions, thus negating the need to upgrade your bandwidth if you need more calls, or use a GSM gateway to save on mobile to mobile costs.
  • 2.Increase your voice call quality
    VIBE Solution recognises the Voice element and makes it a priority over any other data, ensuring that the quality is not compromised at all.
  • 3.Business continuity and increase bandwidth
    When a line goes down or is compromised, whether that be voice or data, it can clearly have a major impact on businesses performance. Use ViBE solution to bond multiple internet links to increase your bandwidth and automatic failover to another link without any interruption of the call.
  • 4.Secure your enterprise communications using encryption
    In todays world there is an increasing requirement for businesses, governments and the military to ensure that sensitive information cannot be accessed by a third party. Depending on the scenario ViBE’s “tunneling” technology delivers a secure environment, with options to encrypt calls to further enhance security.